Jack and jack reveal their perfect date nights, man crush on justin timberlake, and more

Jack and Jack may have already made their mark on Vine, but these two teens are starting to make an impact on the music charts as well.

The American pop rap duo, made up of Jack Johnson and Jack Gilinsky, have sold more than 1 million songs on iTunes. Their recent singles, “Like That” and “Wild Life,” have hit the Billboard charts, and in March, they received the MTVu Woodie Award for Social Climber.

With 5.5 million followers on Vine already, the two are now gearing up to release their latest music video, “Groove,” before they hit the road with friend Shawn Mendes for a few of his tour dates.

Recently, we caught up with the duo for the first time ever, and had them answer all the questions fans are dying to know. Take a look at the video and check out some of highlights below.


What Is Jack G’s Favorite Part About Touring?

Let’s just say that Jack loves touring so much, he couldn’t just pick one thing he likes the most. He chose three: performing, meet and greets, and ’chilling out on the bus or on any off day.’”


What Is Jack J’s Most Memorable Fan Encounter?

These two come in contact with thousands of fans, but there were a few that stood out above the rest, mostly for their crafty detective skills.

“We were in a hotel room and it was about 3 a.m. and we hear some wrestling by our door and someone was slipping stuff under our hotel room door. So I look in the peep hole and it was a couple fans, and I was like, ’What the hell? How do they know what room we’re in?’ Props to you guys for being such good investigators.”


Jack G, Describe Your Music As Food.

This was surprisingly easy for Jack G, who picked something healthy, enjoyable, and includes a lot of variety.“It’s almost like a fruit salad and each fruit being its own genre of music, and every fruit is in the fruit salad.”


What Is Jack J’s Ultimate Music Collaboration?

KMEL Summer Jam 1995 - Notorious B.I.G.
Being a rapper, Jack decided to go with some hip-hop artists. Not just any rap stars, though: arguably two of the greatest.“I think Biggie would be dope, that was my guy listening to growing up. Huge influence. Or Lil Wayne.”


Which Musical Artist Inspires Jack G?

It seems like Jack may have a little man crush on Justin Timberlake, and who could blame him?

“He can sing, he can dance, he can be a movie star, he can create his own alcohol. He’s the man. He’s the guy I’m looking up to right now.”


What’s Jack J’s Idea Of A Perfect Date Night?

Don’t expect anything too elaborate when it comes to a night out with Jack, because he just likes to chill. Oh, and if you’re expecting a home-cooked meal, then think again, because he “can’t cook.”

“I like going to the girl’s house or her coming over and then just watching a movie, a nice little home-cooked meal. I can’t cook, so maybe order Chinese. If I wanted to do a fancy date I would just take her to a restaurant, give her some flowers. I’m a simple guy.”


Which Celebrity Had Jack G Totally Starstruck?

Once, Jack had a pretty epic celebrity encounter when he casually ate lunch next to the one and only Liam Neeson.“I didn’t say anything because I was too scared and extremely star struck. He was on the phone with someone and was like ’I will kill you.’ He’s kidding….we think.