‘it’s t-shirt time’ t-shirts for sale on pauly d’s website!

Imagine the scenario: It’s 11:30pm and you’re just about ready to hit the clubs in search of a hot piece of DTF (if you couldn’t tell, we’re speaking to the fellas). What do you do first? You call to your boys that it is, indeed, T-Shirt time– but something’s wrong. You’re told that the cabs have arrived early and everyone’s still wearing their stinky wifebeaters! On top of that, you realize you must have lost your voice last night at Karma screaming the words to Taio Cruz!

Good thing you scooped up a few of Pauly D‘s “Its’ T-Shirt Time” t-shirts ($25, available here). You wave ’em in their faces, grab the guys by the rhinestone belt buckles and then head to the club in search of girls wearing this shirt. Or, realize that 11:30pm is way too late to go out and just add it to your ironic T-Shirt collection.