It’s all about the journey on tonight’s ‘ridiculousness,’ ‘fantasy factory’ and ‘jerks’ [sneak peeks]

They say life’s about the journey, not the destination, and tonight’s “Ridiculousness,” “Fantasy Factory” and “Jerks with Cameras” episodes will aim to prove the theory. Between a luxurious new mode of transportation and sky-high elevator rides, the comedy block will rival Magellan’s travels, but not everyone will be better for their expeditions.

First, on “Ridiculousness,” skateboarder Nyjah Huston, who’s no stranger to wipeouts, will help Rob Dyrdek rank the best of the worst road rashes in “Skidders.” Boarders and bikers alike fall HARD in the sneak peek above, and one shirtless thrill-seeker in particular loses about a layer of skin when he hits the gravel and glides, glides, glides. A suit of armor isn’t looking too bad right about now…

Then, on “Fantasy Factory,” Rob will show off his newest invention to Big Black: a street jet. It’s…pretty much a glorified SUV, but it’s got all the luxuries of a private aircraft: movies, snack fridges and even laptop tables. Plus, with Big Cat as resident pilot, the group is in for a wild time. Get ready for a trip worthy of “Pimp My Ride.”

Finally, on “Jerks With Cameras,” Amir K will act as a building’s resident claustrophobic, and once he’s inside an elevator line, he ensures that his fellow travelers will all have bumpy rides. Whether he’s going up or down, each light and sound triggers his nervous yelps, and eventually he’s reduced to a near fetal position on the ground. Ladies and gents: Time to consider the stairs!

Please fasten your seat belts, and tune in to all three shows, beginning tonight at 10e/7p.