It took all of our fingers and toes, but here is ‘jersey shore’ by the numbers [video]

If the feeling you get when considering The End of "Jersey Shore" is too difficult to put into words, then let’s make it a matter of numbers! Below, we take on the Herculean task of quantifying the show’s entire six-season run, and from fist pumps (nearly 13,000) to arrests (a respectable five) our resident mathematicians have worked overtime to put this list together. No ball-parking here!

Before you sit down to enjoy the final episode tonight at 10/9c, go ahead and rake through the series’ history in less than two minutes. Meatball problems? We’ve found ’em all. Smushes? It took each of our fingers and toes, but they’re in the bag. The only thing we weren’t able to convert was metric pounds of bronzer applied, but that would have meant working through the holidays.

+ Check out the video, and make sure to watch tonight’s "Jersey Shore" reunion special immediately following the finale.