It ain’t a ‘snooki & jwoww’ party without full-body contact [bonus scene]

If you look at a Snooki & JWOWW-hosted event as though it were a restaurant menu, ass-tanning is surely the amuse-bouche. For hors d’oeuvres, there are the meatballs, mocktails (for the pregnant girl, at least) and standard mouthing off, and the entree usually consists of a robust selection of finely sliced gorilla meat, fist-pumping and, quite often, fist-fighting.

In this bonus scene from the most recent episode, Joey A (ya know, the one who shamelessly inflicted a wedgie upon himself so that Jenni could properly bronze his backside) assumes his place on the throw rug and waits for his opponent, Joey B, to appear. The two commense what Roger describes as the “Gay Olympics,” and just when it looks like a butt-to-face move will help Joey A secure the win, he loses steam and collapses onto a cushion. Dinner is served, ladies and gentlemen.