Is this the most revealing interview kristen stewart has ever done?

Kristen Stewart is constantly being picked on for her typically awkward, occasionally unenthusiastic interviews with the media. But while she may not be an attention-hungry “ham,” so to speak, Kristen actually isn’t the curmudgeon some people think she is.

That was never clearer than when she participated in this fun “Carversations” interview, in which she engages in casual rapport, tries to deal with her endearing nerves, and smiles… A LOT. In the four-and-a-half minute clip, we’re introduced to a different side of Kristen — offering an intimate, unguarded, and completely down-to-earth view of one heck of a talented woman.

Kristen’s childhood friend Suzie Riemer handles driving and interviewing duties as they head to a screening of “Clouds of Sils Maria,” the movie that earned Kristen a coveted Cesar award (her trophy even makes an appearance in the vid!).

As they trek along, Suzie fires random questions at Kristen, revealing some surprising new info about the actress. There’s the vital insight into her dietary preferences (Coke over Pepsi, Pho over Chinese, and she loves cheeseburgers and hot Cheetos), as well as her literal speechlessness about Sam Smith’s “unbelievable” voice. We also get to find out what Kristen would be doing if she wasn’t acting, which is quite the surprising answer.