Is this ‘faking it’ or ‘america’s next top model’?

If this is the look of a Brazilian refugee, then we’ll see you at the country’s American consulate.

On this week’s “Faking It” episode, a group of high school students at Hester High’s South American sister school were forced to pack up and ship out to Austin after their campus was swallowed by a sinkhole. But they didn’t arrive in torn shirts or soiled pants — they all looked perfect from head-to-toe and brought the world around them to a standstill as soon as they stepped off of the bus.

Francisco, Fabiana and their crew turned heads from the cafeteria to Lauren‘s Welcome-to-Hester Carnival, and when it seemed as though the town had become a Wilhelmina casting call, we were forced to wonder — are we watching “Faking It” or an “America’s Next Top Model” episode? THEY ALL WANTED TO BE ON TOP.

See proof of why Hester’s newest recruits could soon stand in front of Tyra, and be sure to catch the next “Faking It” episode Tuesday night at 10:30/9:30c!