Is stacey being too clingy around her ‘are you the one? ’ crush alec?

It’s understandable that uncertain romantic feelings will arise when a slew of “Are You the One?” love hopefuls are partying living under the same roof — but if you ask Stacey, her sights are solely set on her non-committal crush Alec. But is the brunette beauty attaching herself too much to the flirty guy after he has repeatedly questioned if they are indeed a perfect match?

During this week’s episode, the New Yorker — who zeroed in on the self-proclaimed former “fat kid” on day numero uno — tried to convince him to give her a kiss while he was chilling on the couch. But A claimed he didn’t want to fake his feelings and did his best to resist her advances — even repeatedly reciting her name while her mouth was almost pressed up against his (meme proof below). But that didn’t help matters — in fact, the afternoon relaxation session only got more awkward when she grew frustrated by his non-interested behavior.


“Are you gay?” Stacey bluntly posed. “Don’t be f**king Oprah,” she quipped, after Alec denied her query and asked her to please leave him alone.

But it didn’t end there. She soon busted in on him while he was going to the bathroom and then declared that she wouldn’t approach him unless he wanted to chat.

“She was just way too clingy, way too aggressive,” he later reflected in a separate interview. “I need my space from her so I can really branch out in this house.”

With that, he tried to forge a connection with another lady: Amanda. And when it came time for the Match-Up ceremony, Alec had the first choice and admitted that his heart wasn’t with Stacey and proceeded to choose A.


Let’s face it: Every time Alec and Stacey have sat together at these shindigs, the gang has proceeded to get two shining lights (they were not together at that shocking Blackout extravaganza). And while they didn’t couple up during this formal evening (she ultimately sat with Austin), host Ryan Devlin revealed the crew got two beams. But a bigger question looms: Is Stacey being too forceful around Alec? Or should she move on and pursue some of the other guys in order to get the requited love she deserves? Share your theories in the comments, and be sure to keep watching “AYTO” every Wednesday at 10e/7p!