Is it time for robb to boot marie from his ‘world’?

When Robb and Marie’s flirtation began on “Real World: St. Thomas,” their quirky chemistry and mutually accepted jabs-as-compliments made it seem like a romantic future between them was probable. Marie said on record a number of times that the redheaded skyscraper wasn’t her usual type, yet she fell hard and fast, as did he.

Recently, though, Robb’s attraction to Marie has come across as one-sided, and on tonight’s episode, he got more evidence that she might not fit him in a girlfriend sense. Is he attracted to her? Sure. Are their personalities compatible? Absolutely. But while Robb continued to express his feelings for Marie, she proceeded to flirt with the group’s rich, 40-something tour guide, Philipo, and brush off the idea that she and Robb would ever develop into something substantial. Even LaToya, Marie’s closest friend in the house, didn’t think her treatment of Robb was just, and when Marie left him hanging after becoming privy to his self-harming ways, Robb started wondering if his efforts would ever be worth it.

Tell us what you think: Should Robb put more time into starting a real relationship with Marie, or is it time to give up the cause?