Is heartbreak turning jake into an ‘awkward. ’ jerk?

Jake Rosati was once Palos Hills’ clean-cut golden boy, but, as Jenna Hamilton clearly taught us last season on “Awkward,” people can change. These days, the former class president is an apathetic, scruffy curmudgeon! Ever since the seniors gathered in the football stands to take their class photo, Jake’s been feeling low, and unfortunately, his ex, Tamara, is bearing the brunt of his bizarre transformation.

Sure, Jake’s reasons for ending things with T were valid — he was tired of her dismissive nature and couldn’t tolerate her backhanded compliments any longer. It’s how he’s acted since that’s had us scratching our heads. He’s ignored Tamara, gone out of his way to flirt with underclassmen groupies in front of her and has even organized his own anti-T concert hall out of the former couple’s shared lunch period. The live performance of “Tamara Never Comes” was just icy cold, and it made us wonder if we ever really knew J. Ros at all.

Tell us what you think — has Jake’s hurt made him into a total jerk, or are his post-dumping blues just par for the breakup course?