Is chris t. And shanley’s love worth more than a million dollars?

Since day one, Chris and Shanley have been the couple that just can’t take a hint. After being the first Truth Booth couple to be denied a match, they still continue to match-up just fine in pound town.

They both appear to be exploring the idea of other possible matches but nothing seems to be sticking. Chris T. spent some time getting to know Paige before she went jumping into the arms of Scali, and Shanley has been switching it up every week but still no luck. When all else fails, why not go back to familiar territory? Because it could cost you and your housemates a million dollars!

In the sneak peek below it seems Simone is getting in the middle of things once again by telling Chris that Shanley doesn’t really care about him. After confronting Shanley on the matter, the kitchen quickly turns into a place where everyone roasts ‘Chanley’ and Chris is quick to share that he could really care less what they think, ‘To me, having happiness is worth a lot more than fifty-thousand-f**king-dollars!’ ¬†Guess it’s back to pound town for now.

Check out the sneak peek below and don’t miss an all-new episode of ‘Are You The One?‘ tonight at 11e/8p only on MTV!¬†