Is cassie’s fiance a ‘catfish’? Get a 10-minute sneak peek of the season 2 premiere!

Generally speaking, the MTV blog operates with some level of objectivity, but we’ll just come right out and say it: We really like Cassie, the first love-hopeful on Season 2 of “Catfish.” The college student, who makes ends meet with a job at a Miami radio station, has been in an online relationship with a rapper, Steve, for nearly three years, and even PROPOSED to him when she realized he was The One. But just how much can a girl really know her fiancé without ever meeting him in person?

In this 10-minute sneak peek of the Season 2 premiere, Nev and Max listen intently for red flags as Cassie pleads her case via video chat. When the duo eventually visits her in Miami, she opens up about her father’s murder in 2010, when he was shot in Haiti while trying to protect a family member from being kidnapped. Cassie says she turned to drugs and alcohol to cope, until a fateful Facebook friend request from Steve helped her reverse her downward spiral. “He showed me alcohol and drugs and sex is not the solution to everything,” she says. “He’s my rock.”

The stakes are high — think Cassie’s story will end happily, or will her engagement fall apart? Find out when “Catfish” premieres Tuesday, June 25, at 10e/p!