Is all hope lost for the ‘awkward. ’ bfgfbff?

If it wasn’t already clear, Tamara and Jake have gone KAPUT. After breaking up toward the beginning of this “Awkward” season, they’ve been completely at odds, and on the latest episode, their standoff climaxed when T destroyed her ex’s harmonica with a banana (the horror!). Val tried to mend their relationship by pointing to Jenna and Matty as role models for platonic former lovebirds, but truthfully, they haven’t been too keen on each other, either.

Ever since Matty found out he was adopted, J-Town’s had real trouble getting her ex to open up, and when she tried to prove she was cool with Matty dating other gals by setting him up with Eva, it blew up in her face. She told Matty he had her “blessing,” but he felt patronized in the process, and pulled away. It was only a short time ago that Jatty and Jakara had PHHS in the palms of their hands — is there any hope for these two couples to reunite? Or, of more concern, can they even be friends?

It’s been T’s high school dream to execute the perfect BFGFBFF (Boyfriend Girlfriend Best Friends Forever Double Date [DD is implied], in case you’ve forgotten). Is there still hope it could happen?