Is alec strategically playing the ‘are you the one? ’ game – or is he just a major player?

The stakes are higher than ever right now on “Are You The One?” — for every matchup ceremony that results in zero matches, $250,000 gets snatched from the pot. That means this season’s 20 hotties are even more determined than ever to find their perfect match… as soon as humanly possible.

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Because a game of tonsil hockey can be one surefire way to measure chemistry (or lack thereof), folks seemed to be locking lips left and right during this week’s season premiere. In the words of Kayla, “There’s no better way to get to know somebody than with a first kiss.” Needless to say, Alec “got to know” a lot of ladies rather quickly. First, the self-proclaimed former “fat kid” was found with his arms around Rashida, and shortly thereafter, he was seen smooching Stacey.

That’s not all: During a heated game of Spin The Red Bull, Alec laid one on Hannah — who was sitting less than a foot away from Stacey. Despite being reduced to tears, Stacey still picked Alec as her perfect match during the matchup ceremony, leaving the Philly native less than enthused.

Do you think Stacey and Alec could be a match? And is Alec simply following Kayla’s advice by playing the game… or is he a major player? Sound off in the comments, and catch an all-new episode on Wednesday at 10e/7p! And for an added bonus, watch R and A dish on that epic first day smoochfest in the clip below: