Iron man 3: see tony stark’s badass mark xlvii suit in exclusive clip!

A brand-new clip from “Iron Man 3” had everything you could ask for from a visit with Tony Stark. There’s a brand-new suit of armor — so new, in fact, that not all systems are functional and he has to improvise a little when a team of armed news helicopter descend on his cliffside mansion. All of those elements came together for one badass MTV Movie Awards moment, when the exclusive clip premiered during Sunday night’s (April 14) show.

Of course, these copters don’t happen upon the not-so humble abode of famed superhero Stark. In the newest adventure of Iron Man, he’ll have to take down the international terrorist that goes by the name The Mandarin (Sir Ben Kingsley).

The armor you saw in the clip was the Mark XLVII, and if you’re familiar with the numbering of Tony Stark’s many suits of armor, you’ll notice that we skipped a few since the Mark VII we saw in “The Avengers.” That’s because Tony has been in suit-making overdrive since the Battle of New York, and there are now dozens of suit sitting in his armory. The collection made an impressive debut during the trailer and is sure to be the talk of the geeky world when we get a good look at them once “Iron Man 3” opens in theaters on May 3.

What makes the Mark XLVII special is its ability to fly onto Tony’s body piece-by-piece. The Mark VII in “Marvel’s The Avengers” followed Tony out the window of Stark Tower to attach itself to him, but with the updates, he’s broken down the process so that it can be more on the fly, literally.

“Iron Man 3” stars Downey, Jr., Kingsley, Gwyneth Paltrow, Don Cheadle, Guy Pearce, and Rebecca Hall and will open in theaters on May 3.