In this week’s vinny skinny: mama june says ‘i do,’ chris brown says ‘not now’ [video]

There’s never any shortage of celebrity news, or blogs that cover celebrity news, but the one thing we can offer that no other website can is an anchor who still lives at home with his mother (if she was our mother, we’d never move out, either). Last night’s “Vinny Skinny” has a dose of both happy and sad headlines, with Honey Boo Boo‘s parents exchanging vows in a redneck bash fit for Kid Rock (happy!), Lauryn Hill getting sentenced to time in the slammer (sadz!) and Chris Brown confirming his breakup with Rihanna (we’ll let you pick the correlating emotion).

Watch Vinny Guadagnino break down the stories that stood out most this week, and make sure to check out “The Show with Vinny” on-demand to hear him chat with his latest guests, Scott Disick of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” and Victoria Justice!