In the battle of laurel vs. Aneesa, which ‘free agent’ has the upper hand?

Forget Ali vs. Frazier — two “Free Agents” heavy-hitters have officially declared war on each other, and neither is willing to rest until the other goes down.

On last week’s “Challenge” episode, after coming out on top (…again…), Laurel tried to pull a fast one by corralling her fellow competitors to send power player Aneesa into the elimination round. The way Laurel saw it, Aneesa was making too many deals with too many people, and needed to pay for her political errors. And when the vote wound up in a tie between Aneesa and LaToya as potential nominees, it looked like Laurel might have just gotten her way.

Unfortunately for Laurel, after a second round of tie-breaking votes (and an earful from Aneesa, who didn’t think Laurel had grounds to choose her), CT spared his ol’ pal from potentially going home, and sentenced LaToya to the last-chance battle, instead. Aneesa initially felt relief, but after yet another elimination victory by Cara Maria, it progressed into anger, and she began to hatch a plan for revenge. “I promise you, every time I have the power to vote [Laurel] in, I will do it,” Aneesa said sternly.

Laurel and Aneesa have both done damage in “Challenge” games past, so tell us, who’s got the upper hand?