In response to his screaming match with jordan: frank’s top 5 frankouts


Ever since Frank made shrapnel out of a few choice porcelain vases on “Real World: San Diego,” we knew we had a wildcard on our hands. Frank’s an intelligent guy, no doubt, and would defend the people he cares about to the death, but every once in a while a certain thread comes loose, and he sees so much red there’s no stopping his wrath. These incidents are known as Frankouts, and friends, they are not to be taken lightly.

Frank certainly grew a great deal between “Real World” and his first “Challenge” stint, but his commitment to delivering the occasional human-explosion, thankfully, has not changed much. From the sunny California coastline to the top of the desert’s driest sand dunes, take a look at Frank’s Top 5 Frankouts, and tell us which stands out the most!

A Smashing Evening

When Frank brought a guy back to the house for the first time, his roommate Nate was so freaked out he started to avoid his former pal. Frank initially bottled up his hurt, but after some boozin’ led to liquid courage, he came home, called Nate out and turned the house into a battle field.

Little Too Much Off The Top

For reasons beyond our comprehension, Frank allowed Priscilla — who didn’t know the difference between scissors and clippers, mind you — to cut his hair, and when she f***ed up his fade with a sincere apology, he lashed out at her. Don’t forget to tip your stylist!

Worst Pool Party Ever

At some point, Frank and Nany’s friendship became a casualty of “Battle Of The Seasons,” and one night, they agreed to try and hash it out. Sadly, things didn’t go as planned, and the calm conversation became a screaming match between Frank, Dustin and Nany that stretched from one poolside to the top of the opposite balcony.

The Perils Of The Desert 

Running up and down rows of giant sand dunes in the blazing sun may have made Sam struggle, but Frank’s wrath was the icing on the cake. She and Team San Diego ultimately won “Battle Of The Seasons,” but it wasn’t without a stern tongue-lashing from her frustrated teammate, who was convinced she didn’t try hard enough in the final.

Taking On CT

Frank wanted to get to the bottom of CT’s relationship with Diem, but when CT tried to deflect Frank’s interrogation about his hookup with Anastasia, Frank got angry. Really angry.

Frank vs. Jordan

Y’know, for good measure!