In honour of zach and trey’s ‘rivals ii’ ousting, here are 5 more cringeworthy ‘challenge’ dqs


Being banished from “The Challenge” is never an easy pill to swallow, but when your pink slip is brought on by a mere technicality, that pill may as well be a horse tranquilizer the size of your fist. On the most recent “Rivals II” episode, Zach and Trey were sent packing when they didn’t follow the rules of The Jungle, and even though they completed “Breaking On Through” faster than Leroy and Ty, their poor attention to the game’s detail meant lights out for the former foes.

Zach and Trey’s ousting was particularly uncomfortable, but it wasn’t the first time Challengers have been eliminated for not reading the fine print. Take a look at five past competitors who were disqualified for technical errors, and tell us which one gives you a case of the cringes.


“Inferno 3,” Timmy: In “Smash House,” a determined Timmy went to town on his glass house as he raced Abram to bust it to pieces first for the win. After beating his body to a bloody pulp, Timmy came down from his demolished cube as the presumed winner, but upon closer inspection, TJ noted that Tim had left a single pane unbroken, and Abram was deemed the winner by default.

The Duel” CT: CT and Brad were forced to battle it out for the second of two spots in “The Duel”‘s final mission, and “Push Me” seemed to work in CT’s favor straight out of the gate. Barely any time passed before he muscled Brad backwards and touched the victory flag, but TJ was very clear to instruct the players to remove the flag by its carabiner, and when CT ripped it, instead, he was sent packing (but not before going completely nuts!).

“The Duel”, Beth: Man, “Push Me” really did a number on the Challengers. When Svetlana was sentenced to the elimination round for being the last woman standing in the selection order, she decided to throw caution to the wind and gun for Beth. Sadly, it didn’t work in her favor, and Beth powered through, seemingly earning the W. But she, like CT, celebrated prematurely, and TJ told her ripping the victory flag ensured her elimination.


Fresh Meat 2,” Brandon and Katelynn: Drinking on the job: not great at the office, not so good on “The Challenge,” either. While the competitors aren’t strangers to getting a little boozy, Brandon’s choice to sneak a beer before facing off against Team Blue in exile turned out to be his undoing. Even though Katelynn — who was on crutches — was expected to be the weak link in elimination, Brandon’s pre-gaming broke the rules and got him kicked out of the game.

Cutthroat,” Ty: In the first few seconds of “Pole Me Over,” it seemed like Brandon didn’t stand a chance, and Ty earned the Gulag’s first point without breaking a sweat. But as the game progressed, Ty’s energy depleted, and when he tried to catch his breath for more than a few seconds after the second of three rounds, TJ blew the horn that signaled Ty’s ousting from the game.