In honour of ‘big tips texas,’ here are 10 reasons the lone star state is ‘heaven’ on earth


You might know Texas for its three-alarm chili or ten-gallon hats, but Lone Star country is much more than just the Marlboro Man’s backdrop. America’s 28th state prides itself on outstanding education, a bustling energy industry and — OK, let’s face it: BOOZIN’, HUNTIN’ AND CUTTIN’ THE RUG! From Dallas to Houston, Austin to El Paso, Texans know how to do it big, and the girls of “Big Tips Texas” are no exception.

For those who haven’t yet had the privilege to scale the Guadalupe Mountains, explore Dinosaur Valley or simply be delayed at George Bush Intercontinental, we’ve put together a little list of why it’s time to get down south. Take a look at 10 reasons Texas is king, and be sure to tune in to the premiere of “Big Tips Texas” on October 9 at 10/9c!


1. Best Barbecue In The Country: With the finest brisket, ribs and Tex-Mex available, some folks flock to the TX just for the grub. Throw in some sweet tea and thick Texas toast, and consider our mouths sufficiently watered.


2. High School And College Football Is EVERYTHING: You can be the Mid-Atlantic’s star QB or the best running back on the East Coast, but nobody does football like Texas. Have you ever seen “Friday Night Lights“? Been to an A&M game? Tried to keep up with the Longhorns? Tossing the pigskin is no joke, and if you say it is, Coach Taylor will have some words for you, son.


3. Ain’t Nothing Wrong With Being A Cowboy: Getting season tickets to the rodeo or fitting your own pair of custom leather chaps might seem strange in Jersey, but in Texas, it’s just a part of the routine. So go ahead and fasten those spurs to your boots, buckeye: Them cowgirls are waitin’.


4. A Weekend In Mexico Is Just A Car Ride Away: Sure, you’re nowhere near Cancun or Cabo, but everyone loves a little bit of adventure, and Route 35 will take you right on down to what’s happening south of the border. A word to the wise, though: Bring a map…and a passport.


5. Earworms Aplenty: With SXSWAustin City Limits and Summer Fest Texas all in arm’s reach, it’s no wonder everyone down in TX can keep a decent beat. Just remember: Save the supersized burrito for after the concert — the restrooms at these things require preventative doses of Doxycycline.

6. Armadillo Races Are A Real Thing: There are no words…just watch.


7. Southern Charm, Of Course: Tired of abrasive Angelenos or New Yorkers’ cold shoulders? Southern hospitality isn’t just a myth. Wander down to Texas and you’ll find a welcome wagon faster than you can say, “Howdy, y’all!” Consider that rain cloud above your head all but evaporated!


8. The Tequila Culture: Proximity to Mexico certainly has its advantages, and spring breakers aren’t the only ones who appreciate a solid bargain on the agave-based beverage. Whether its a few shooters or margaritas on the rocks, the sweet nectar serves as liquid courage when it comes time to line dance!

9. Willie Nelson: The man, the myth, the legend. If you’re not familiar with the Texas-bred revelation, take a listen to one of his greatest tunes. You certainly can’t go wrong with dueling braids!


10. Redneck Heaven: With ice-cold beer always flowing, hot chicks hula-hooping and enough cleavage to fill a Victoria’s Secret catalog, it was only a matter of time before MTV made a show about it!