In celebration of cooke and cara’s superpowers, we give them the comic book treatment

Rivals, beware! Dynamic duo Cooke and Cara Maria just delivered a superhero-caliber performance, earning themselves a spot in the finals and letting everyone (ahem, Paula and Emily) know there are some new sheriffs in town. Fact: Not only did these fearless femmes smoke the competition, they left the other she-teams quaking in their boots and literally begging (that would be you again, Paula) the guys to keep them safe from The Jungle.


Not everyone expected the underdogs to win…

So to commemorate Cooke and Cara’s epic win, we took a moment to give them (and some of their fellow casties) the comic book treatment. Check out our marvelous Marvel-style tribute, then let us know if you think Super CC has what it takes to fly to the finish.


Diem’s true colours turned out to be…bright!