If you’re going to snoop follow the ‘girl code’ [sneak peek]

So far the ladies of “Girl Code” have covered the laws of drinking, how to find the perfect roommate and the difference between crushing and stalking. Those are some pretty big topics to check-off the list after just one episode. Leave it to these girls to top even themselves.

One of tonight’s hot and maybe even sensitive topics will be mastering the art of… snooping? Yep, they went there.

Nobody wants to admit to snooping through someone’s stuff — at the very least, most can say the temptation has been there once or twice. “Girl Code’s” April Rose starts out by saying, “I’m not condoning snooping, but if you do… the best place to start is the cell phone!” Let the uncomfortable conversations begin!

Watch the sneak peek below to see what advice our ladies have on snooping and don’t miss an all-new ‘Girl Code‘ tonight at 10:30e/7:30p on MTV!