‘if you could only see’: what we learned from tonight’s episode of ‘degrassi’ [recap]

Frankie in 'If You Could Only See'

There’s only one way to best describe what ‘Degrassi‘ fans might feel after watching tonight’s episode and that’s complete and total shock!

Becky turned down her perfect match in favour of a complicated relationship with Drew (complicated because he and Clare are expecting a baby—together!), Maya can’t seem to shake the feeling Miles might hurt himself and as far as she can tell he’s already standing on the ledge ready to jump, meanwhile Zoe thinks she came up with a way to ‘get back’ at boys for not showing girls the respect they deserve. How you ask? By sending them NUDE oomfCHATs for money. Yep! You read that right. See below for our full recap of tonight’s episode of ‘Degrassi’ and for more stories from ‘If You Could Only See’ head here!

Becky may have gotten used to the idea of third wheeling with Jack-O-Gen but when she spotted Drew acting seemingly unaffected by their breakup she decided she needed to do the same. Imogen and Jack had already planned a date to the roller derby and Becky saw it as the perfect opportunity to make it a double date. Only one problem—she didn’t have a date.


After everything Becky has been through she decided it was time take control of her situation. Meaning if she didn’t have a date, she would find one. With the help of Imogen and Jack, Becky filled out an online dating profile and within seconds operation reset Becky was in full swing!

After filling out a profile based on the old Becky, she found herself a match—a Christian with a good family that loves charity work—what could possibly go wrong?  At the start of the date things were going well with Chris, until the new Becky started to realize that sunshine and rainbows might not be her thing anymore.

Imogen, Becky and Jack (Ep.1403)

Becky has been through a lot with her family over the past year and she just isn’t the same person anymore. Drew’s situation may be complicated, but Becky decided she was okay with complicated.


Thankfully Becky wouldn’t have her hands full with power cheer…

When Zoe took over power cheer she didn’t exactly think about all the details and expenses that would come along with it.

Zoe ordered the girls to come up with new ways to raise money for the team and when she was rudely interrupted by Frankie she demanded an explanation. Frankie shared her frustration towards the double standards for girls and boys and that gave Zoe an idea.

Zoe decided that if the girls wanted to make money for the team they would have to send oomfCHATs (Degrassi’s version of Snapchat) for money. The catch? They had to be nude oomfCHATs!


Zoe made a deal with Grace to create their own personal website and just like that they were in business!


Why would Zoe have the power cheer team do something that meant exposing their bodies?

Frankie may have inspired the idea but she wasn’t on board at first. It wasn’t until Mrs. Hollingsworth treated her daughter like a child that Frankie decided she wasn’t a little girl anymore.


But Frankie isn’t the only Hollingsworth to worry about…

Miles has been going through some big changes and Maya has been unable to understand why. On tonight’s episode, Maya’s concern reached new levels and during a nap in class Maya’s head took her to a very dark place. A place where she saw Miles in a position to hurt himself.


It may have been a dream but that didn’t stop Maya from sharing her concerns. When Miles’ found out about Maya being worried he made it very clear that he didn’t want anything to do with her, ‘Get over me Maya and stay the hell out of my life!’

Miles gets angry with Maya (Ep.1403)

Luckily, Zig was there to comfort her <3

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