Remember these iconic ‘the hills’ guest stars?

Meghan Myhal

Not only did The Hills create some household names, it also featured a lot of familiar celebrity faces. Here are some of the stars you probably forgot were in-between the scenes of the Heidi and LC drama.

Lady Gaga: Season 4, Episode 5 

Watch LC and Whitney help Lady Gaga get into one of her signature outfits from the Fame era in this 2008 episode. Catch her at: 12:40.


Landon Clements: Season 1, Episode 3 

Before life in South Carolina, Landon worked as an assistant out in L.A. You can see her greet Heidi in peak 2006 fashion- while wearing flare jeans and a cropped tee-shirt cardigan. Catch her at: 8:38.


Colton Haynes: Season 2, Episode 8 

See Arrow’s Colton Haynes’ modelling roots in this Teen Vogue photoshoot. He’s almost unrecognizable as Whitney gets him his converse. Catch him at: 15:31.


Marc Jacobs: Season 3, Episode 12 

Fashion powerhouse Marc Jacobs makes a quick appearance in introducing himself to LC. Catch him at: 14:09.


Brandy: Season 4, Episode 12 

Audrina hits the studio with 2000’s pop superstar Brandy in this must-see episode. Catch her at: 10:10.


Emily Wiess: Season 2, Episode 5

The Glossier mogul had her humble beginnings as a Teen Vogue intern. Catch her at: 7:25.


Sean Kingston: Season 3, Episode 14

Watch the “Fire Burning” singer perform at a rehearsal Audrina is working. Catch him at: 9:14.


Ryan Cabrera: Season 6 

Audrina’s beau and the pop rocker known for his memorable hair style dated briefly in Season 6.


Lily Collins: Season 3, Episode 19

Blink and you’ll miss it, but you can find the actor in a sea of beautiful dresses at a Teen Vogue event. Catch her at 34:11.

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