‘i wanna be adored’: what we learned on tonight’s degrassi

Allison Bowsher
Degrassi 1419

Alli is disappointed with Clare’s lack of enthusiasm for prom until she finds out the reason behind her besties sudden mood change. Zig tries to fit into his new home life, but that could mean undoing all the improvements he achieved with the Matlins. Tristan is looking to move on from Miles and finds that being himself isn’t always easy.

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Now that Zig and Maya are in lurve it’s time for Zig to find a new place to live. Unfortunately, his mom found out that Zig was with Tiny when he was stabbed and doesn’t want Zig moving back in. Option B takes Zig to Tiny and Vince’s place. What could go wrong? Everything.


Tiny and Vince keep very different hours than the Matlins and Zig is late for rehearsal the next day after staying up late to drink and play video games.


Zig tries to explain this situation to Imogen and she points out that if these guys were really ‘his boys’, they would understand that the play is important to him.


Zig decides to try Imogen’s approach and gets Tiny to help him run lines and show Vince that he’s serious about the play.


Vince thinks Zig’s new interest is cool and Zig finally begins to relax about his new housing arrangement. That is, until a buddy of Vince’s shows up and puts the boys in charge of counting out the drugs. Oooo I am not feeling good about this situation.


Clare and Alli have been dreaming about planning the perfect prom since Grade 9 and the time has finally come. But when Clare misses the pitch meeting, their idea of Starry Night gets voted out in favour of Drew’s suggestion for a pirate theme on a boat cruise.


Alli is upset that Clare let her down, but what she doesn’t know is that Clare is dealing with the loss of her son. Without having all the facts, Alli feels hurt and asks Clare to call some cruise companies.


Alli redoes the pitch with the new theme and presents to Ms. Pill, who loves the idea.


Later at The Dot, Alli meets Dallas to celebrate the news that he’s been signed to a team in Japan. Alli quickly turns into a party pooper, not because her boyfriend is moving to the other side of the world, but because Clare doesn’t seem interested in prom.


Eli overhears Alli complaining to Dallas and tells Alli the real reason behind Clare’s recent absence from the prom committee meetings.


Alli feels terrible for Clare and tries to help by telling Clare she doesn’t have to help with the prom, but that just makes Clare feel worse.


Alli visits Clare later at home and the two apologize at the same time. Clare admits that she didn’t tell Alli about the baby because it’s difficult to be around her best friend when Alli’s future looks bright and Clare feels like hers is dark. Alli reminds Clare that she has so much to be thankful for and makes Clare promise to always talk to Alli, especially after graduation.


Miles tries extending an olive branch by inviting Zoe and Tristan to a Kendrick Lamar concert, but Tristan isn’t interested in going back to speaking terms with his former flame.


Tristan figures that Miles is in such a good mood because he has a new crush and Zoe secretly hopes that it’s her. Tristan decides that it’s time for him to get a new crush as well and checks his Teender profile.


After a quick look over his profile, Zoe suggests that Tristan ’embellish’ a bit aka lie. Grace, who has been the voice of reason this season, tries to talk Tristan out of lying on his profile, but he and Zoe are already crafting him into a buff, workout-loving muscle-head.


The makeover, or fakeover, works and Tristan gets a ping from a cute guy named Gage. They agree to meet up the next day for a hike and 15 km later, Tristan begins to see the error of his ways.


Tristan tells Zoe that their plan has a downside, but he’s determined to not be alone forever. Zoe does her best to give Tristan a pep talk and remind him that he’s great the way he is and thankfully for Tristan and his calf muscles, he listens.


The next day, Tristan and Gage are supposed to go mountain biking, but Tristan comes clean about his disdain for physical activity. Tristan is relieved to find that Gage also feels pressure to live up to unrealistic expectations and the two find out that they actually do have things in common.


Zoe is happy to hear that Tristan’s second date was a success and decides that with Tristan moving on, she’s okay to accept Miles’ invite to the concert. Between Maya an Zoe, is it possible for Tristan to have a friend who doesn’t date Miles?