I need to talk about why don’t we’s “talk”

My Google search for “why don’t we talk” sounded a lot darker than I meant it.

All I wanted was to find the lyrics to Why Don’t We’s song “Talk,” newly released at midnight. Even though the FBI guy stalking my internet history might think “why don’t we talk” is a plea for help, real fans know I’m just appreciating a bop.

Though the release was rather spontaneous, “Talk” has already entered the top six on the U.S. iTunes Store. Don’t doubt the power of Why Don’t We stans, who are proving just how big the fandom has gotten.

Along with campaigns to get friends to buy and stream “Talk,” the third release from Why Don’t We’s upcoming debut album, fans have shared their belief in the song’s potential success — in stan language, of course.

“Talk” might have a rather cheery, drum-filled instrumental, but its lyrics point to a lack of proper communication in a relationship. What’s clear, though, is that this song has all the love and catchiness I love in a boy band song. Give “Talk” by Why Don’t We a listen below.