2pac protege hussein fatal dies in a car accident

Hussein Fatal, a rapper who first rose to prominence in the 1990s as part of Tupac Shakur’s group The Outlawz, was killed in a car accident Saturday (July 11). The Outlawz confirmed the passing of one of their members — whose real name was Bruce Washington Jr. — on Twitter Saturday evening.

On his own, Fatal released four studio albums from 1998 to 2013 and also collaborated with Young Noble and Nutt-So on joint records beginning in 2007. He put out a staggering 18 mixtapes and had two unreleased full-length LPs from his early career.

But Fatal’s chief claim to fame was his work with the Outlawz, including his appearance on Shakur’s 1996 recordings “All About U,” “When We Ride” and “Hit ’Em Up,” still regarded as one of the top diss tracks in hip-hop history.

Watch the video for “Hit ’Em Up” below. Fatal’s verse starts around 1:13.

The Outlawz today tweeted out a donation link to help Fatal’s family cover the cost of the funeral.