How many kids does snooki want? The dancing queen’s answer may surprise you

Little Lorenzo is as cute as they come, but he’s definitely proven he can be a handful. Still, Snooki’s ready to widen the family tree she and Jionni created, and during her appearance on today’s “Bethenny,” the resident “Dancing With The Stars” pocket rocket revealed she wants FOUR KIDS. Yup, motherhood has struck this former meatball hard, and as far as Snooks is concerned, being bogged down by a bundle of wee ones sounds like heaven on earth.

“I wanna be the mom in the grocery store that’s like, ‘Shut up! Get over here!’ and, like, be crazy,” Nicole tells the talk show host and fellow mom in a clip from the interview below. “I want to be embarrassed by my kids in public.” Don’t get it twisted, though: The guidette is still the same boardwalk-dancing, pickle juice-shooting firecracker at heart, and in a “Would You Ever?” game segment backstage, she says she’d consider selling a sex tape if she “looked hot.” That’s our girl!

Watch the videos to see if Snooks would ever consider eloping, and if she’d let Enzo play with Barbie dolls. Hint: one’s a yes, one’s a no.