How long is your favorite pop group’s birthday season?

We’re right in the middle of Fifth Harmony’s birthday season — the time between the first member’s birthday and the last’s, without regard to birth year — which lasts an incredibly short 38 days. That’s right: the four members of Fifth Harmony all have birthdays within an incredibly short time period.

That tiny birthday season inspired me to answer the question: does any other pop group come close to Fifth Harmony’s 38-day birthday season? Here’s what my investigation revealed, from longest to shortest birthday season.

Why Don’t We

The boys of Why Don’t We might be close, but their birthdays aren’t at all. Daniel’s birthday is on April 2 and Corbyn’s is on November 25, with Zach, Jonah and Jack’s birthdays in between. That’s a birthday season length of 238 days.


A cappella icons Pentatonix blend their voices flawlessly and it might have something to do with how far apart their birthdays are. Their birthday season ranges from newest member Matt’s birthday on February 11 to all-star beatboxer Kevin’s birthday on October 5. Altogether, that’s a birthday season of 237 days.


Maybe it’s something about boy bands started in 2016 — PRETTYMUCH’s birthday season is almost as long as Why Don’t We’s. It starts with Zion’s birthday on June 29 and ends with Edwin’s on February 12, for a grand total of 229 days.

5 Seconds of Summer

Though Ashton and Luke’s birthdays are only nine days apart in July, Mikey’s and Calum’s are a long ways away. Between Ashton’s birthday and July 7 and Calum’s birthday on January 25, 5SOS has a birthday season of 203 days.

Little Mix

The Little Mix gals’ birthdays are paired up nicely, but those pairs are far apart. With Jesy and Perrie celebrating on June 14 and July 10, and Leigh-Anne and Jade celebrating on October 4 and December 26, that’s a birthday season total of 196 days.


Joe Jonas might be close with his brothers, but his birthday isn’t too close to his bandmates. He begins the DNCE birthday season on August 15 and it ends with Cole’s birthday on February 22. Their birthday season length comes out to 192 days.


Despite being a large group with seven members, BTS keeps their birthdays relatively close together. Starting with Jungkook’s birthday on September 1 and ending with Suga’s on March 9, the boys’ birthday season is wrapped up in 190 days.

One Direction

With or without Zayn, One Direction’s birthday season doesn’t change, since his birthday fell in the middle of the others’. From Liam’s August 29 birthday to Harry’s February 1 birthday, their birthday season lasts 157 days.

The Vamps

The Vamps’ birthday season falls squarely into spring and summer, with Connor starting it on March 15 and James closely behind on April 30. At the tail end, Bradley’s birthday is July 28 and Tristan’s is August 15. But with those two pairs of birthdays spaced out, The Vamps’ birthday season is 154 days.


The CNCO boys may have been put together after winning the competition television show La Banda, but fate may have had something to do with it considering how tight their birthdays are. Christopher’s birthday is November 23 and Joel’s is February 28, with Zabdiel, Erick and Richard filling up December and January. Altogether, that’s a birthday season of 98 days.

Fifth Harmony

As it turns out, no pop groups hold a candle to Fifth Harmony’s birthday season. It starts on May 31 with Normani’s birthday, gets real hype in June for Dinah’s and Lauren’s birthday and ends on July 7 with Ally’s birthday. That’s just 38 days, even if excluding former member Camila. (Their birthday season becomes 127 days if including Camila’s March 3 birthday).