Hills launch: how did audrina, heidi and whitney celebrate their 2006 premiere?

Audrina PatridgeHeidi Montag and Whitney Port just commemorated the upcoming premiere of The Hills: New Beginnings with a special return to Hillside Villas Les Deux. But how did the trio mark the beginning of their MTV careers back in 2006? Hint: It wasn’t at the Hollywood hot spot with those paisley walls.

“It was the whole cast — at that time, it was just us four girls. All of our families were there and our team,” Audrina recalls. “It was so different [than this]. There was no social media! We were all together, and we just danced and laughed, and I will never forget it.”

Heidi agrees with her OG counterpart that this celebration was unlike the early 00’s fête.

“It was really amazing to have it all come together. None of us were sure if the show was going to sell or what we would be getting into,” 1/2 of Speidi reveals. “It was the four girls at the time, and now it’s a different world.”

And the look and feel was also different from this recent lavish bash, Whitney recalls.

“I feel like it was so low-budget — it wasn’t a party,” Whit reflects with a laugh. “I brought my family.”

Meanwhile, Audrina can easily recall the emotions she felt when she saw the very first episode.

“I was really nervous because it was the first time I was watching myself on TV,” she explained. “I would always touch my hair and say ‘um’ a lot. So you learn from that!”

Now, 13 years later, she — and the rest of the Hills circle — will be back once again. Do not miss them when New Beginnings premieres on Monday at 10e/7p!