‘hero v. S. Villain’: what we learned from tonight’s episode of ‘degrassi’

Clare (Ep.1410)

On tonight’s episode of ‘Degrassi‘ secrets were revealed and true feelings exposed. Drew was furious when he found out Eli was the true father of Clare’s baby but he wasn’t the only one enraged with Clare… When Clare tried to tell Eli he was the father, he cut her off before she could even begin. Eli made it clear he never wanted to speak to Clare again and his hurtful words left Clare confused and in tears.

Clare’s secret wasn’t the only one making its way around Degrassi… The Degrassi Nudes blackmailer chose Zoe’s weakest moment to expose her secret. The blackmailer outed Zoe and the rest of the ‘pom pom’ squad for selling nudes in exchange for cash in front of the entire school and with Mr. Simpson standing right over Zoe’s shoulder, there was no way the brilliant actress was going to con her way out of this one.

Miles is finally back at school and appearing to be off the drugs but that doesn’t mean all is right in his world. Up until tonight, Tristan and Miles hadn’t discussed the status of their relationship since their fight at Miles’ intervention and Miles seemed further away than ever. After arranging a grand gesture in hopes of winning Miles back and failing to reach him, Tristan finally realized who Miles’ heart really belongs to–Maya Matlin.

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Clare, Drew Eli

On last week’s episode, Clare learned she was further along in her pregnancy than she had thought. That meant Eli was the father and not Drew. Alli accidentally let the news slip during a hypothetical conversation with Dallas and it didn’t take long for word to get back to Drew. Drew was furious with Clare for not telling him herself.


Clare knew this meant she needed to get to Eli and tell him the truth before he heard it from someone else but when Clare arrived at the Dot where Eli was working, she didn’t get the reaction she was hoping for.


Clare tried to tell Eli she had news that could potentially fix everything between them but Eli didn’t want to hear it. He was beyond angry and blamed Clare for ruining their entire future. Clare was so hurt by Eli’s words that she began to cry and when Eli saw her tears he responded by saying, ‘Tears Clare? I didn’t expect to see those from such a whore.’ And with that, Eli walked away before Clare could tell him he was the father.


Miles, Tristan, Maya

Miles was back in class on tonight’s episode but things weren’t totally back to normal. Tristan was doing everything he could to convince Miles to forgive him for helping stage an intervention but Miles was distant and uninterested in resolving their issues.


Tristan figured a grand gesture was just the thing to fix their relationship but when Miles neglected to say two words during a surprise sushi date, Tristan figured there had to be something else wrong.


Tristan noticed Miles watching Maya from a distance and knew he couldn’t avoid the unspeakable any longer. Tristan confronted Miles about staring at Maya and when Miles couldn’t answer Tristan’s question of whether or not he still had feelings for her, nothing more needed to be said.



Zoe continued to receive texts threatening to expose her for running Degrassi Nudes. At this point, the she still believed Hunter to be the blackmailer but when she confronted Hunter about his promise to leave the cheer team alone he still didn’t seem to have a clue what she was talking about.

Zoe started to consider the possibility that Hunter wasn’t the one blackmailing the girls but then who was? Zoe knew the texts were coming from a tower near the Hollingsworth mansion which meant it could only be one other person–Frankie.


Zoe’s plan to trap Frankie was to play nice–you know, keep your friends close and your enemies closer–so she invited Frankie to rejoin Power Cheer. Frankie was so excited to be a part of the team again that she couldn’t wait to get back into her old uniform and that was exactly what Zoe was counting on.


Just as Frankie was changing, Zoe snapped a shot of her just as she was born and threatened to use it against her unless she stopped blackmailing the team. Frankie denied having anything to do with the blackmailing but Zoe didn’t believe her.

Frankie promised the team she would never do anything to hurt them but Zoe wasn’t buying it. Frankie knew there was nothing left to say that could change their minds but she did have the final word. Frankie looked Zoe in the eyes and told her, ‘You’re rotten inside. You’re a villain and you deserve the absolute worst to happen to you.’


It wasn’t until Zoe took the stand to speak in front of the entire school that she realized what she had become. Zoe deleted the photo she took of Frankie and went on to give a moving speech but it was all too little, too late.

Just as Zoe finished speaking out on the distribution of nude photos, the infamous blackmailer kept their promise and exposed her and the entire Power Cheer squad as the faces behind Degrassi Nudes. And just like that, Zoe was on her way to the principal’s office.


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