Here’s why lauren and lisbeth are laugh-out-loud funny on ‘faking it’

Lauren may not have the social pull she’d hoped for as Hester High School’s newest student on “Faking It,” but at least she’s got the unwavering (albeit grudging) support of Lisbeth.

Sure, her pal’s name is actually Elizabeth. And sure, Elizabeth would probably be happier hanging with friends who weren’t so darn critical. But Lisbeth remains Lauren’s lackey, and in an admittedly weird way, we’re kind of glad she does. IT’S CALLED COMEDIC RELIEF, PEOPLE!

From the moment that Lauren demanded Lisbeth prepare her ideal between-class tanning spot, the girls’ dynamic was clear — one has led, and the other has followed. Still, Lisbeth’s the one who spilled the beans about Lauren’s alleged pill addiction on last week’s episode…so can she still be trusted to serve as Lauren’s second-in-command?

We’ll ponder that question while you take a look at some of our favorite LisGIFs, below. And be sure to watch the “Faking It” season finale online now!