Here’s the oscar speech everyone will be giving this year

There are a ton of things to look forward to in this year's Oscars telecast. How will Ellen Degeneres do? Will Jennifer Lawrence win her second Oscar in two years? What will the commercials be like?

Chances are you aren’t looking forward to the acceptance speeches.

No one really enjoys sitting through Oscar acceptance speeches, which consistently are long and redundant. So MTV News came up with a solution for you. Instead of watching every single boring speech, just watch this one supercut, and you’ll be totally covered.

Every speech basically has the same parts. Anthony Hopkins and Julia Roberts “can’t believe” it. Jennifer Lawrence and Natalie Portman think that it’s “nuts” and “insane.” Everyone is so honored to be in a category with their fellow nominees, but they especially are honored to be nominated with Meryl Streep. There are “so many people” they want to thank, and they’ll try to finish before their time runs out (spoiler alert: they won’t).

They thank the crew, the place they’re from, and get nervous when the timer starts to run out, though they keep going on anyway. And finally they just thank everybody one more time, and tell you how happy they are.

And there it is, your very own patented Oscar speech, sure to work every time. Don’t believe us? Just watch the speeches this Sunday and tell us we’re wrong.