Here’s how greer grammer could make the golden globes more ‘awkward’

It doesn’t get much more regal than award shows. With designer gowns, A-list patrons and flutes of top-shelf champagne considered, the whole thing has the potential to feel like a fairy tale.

But wouldn’t it be more fun if it didn’t?!

This year, “Awkward“‘s very own Greer Grammmer will serve as Miss Golden Globes at the 2015 Golden Globes Awards, and though the actress has a habit of elegantly navigating any red carpet (and looking picture-perfect in the process), what if she — just this once — allowed her character Lissa out to play? Yes, Greer’s poise is admirable, and her natural charm is perfectly befitting of the Miss Golden Globes role, but spicing up the GGs with the help of the fictional virginal cheerleader-turned-wild child could truly make this year’s ceremony one for the books.

See how — with Lissa’s inspiration — Grammer could give the 2015 Golden Globes a healthy dose of “Awkward,” catch the show this Sunday night on NBC and keep up with MTV News for some exclusive coverage!

Have a crisis of faith on the red carpet

Sinner? Saint? We’d certainly love to see the internal battle erupt amid the flash of photographers.

Cold-cock the winner for Best Actress in a Limited Series or Motion Picture made for Television

If you thought acceptance speeches could get uncomfortable, imagine the stir a good ol’ slap would cause!

Perform a cheer routine that eclipses a foreign language film montage

Let’s be honest: Everyone snoozes through those things, anyway.

Delicately explain the concept of behymen to the industry’s most respected producers.

Hey, after a couple champagnes, they might be totally receptive to the idea of “God’s blind spot,” anyway!

Weigh the benefits of pseudo-incest backstage

Might not look great to sponsors, but we smell a ratings spike!

Convince hosts Amy Poehler and Tina Fey to take a virginity pledge

Because you KNOW “Hey! Stop! Don’t touch me there! That, sir, is my no-no square” would go viral.

Snap a nude photo of a nominee while in the bathroom

TMZ will cry out in envy of this insider job!

Detonate a pink-eye bomb that infects most of Tinseltown

Any press is good press, right?