Here’s every amazing drake ‘hotline bling’ dance move you’ll need to learn asap

Drake released the music video for “Hotline Bling” late last night, and, like with many Drake videos, now people can’t stop talking about it.

But this one’s especially notable: That’s because Drizzy unveils some, well, interesting dance moves in the clip. Here’s a brief recap of some of them (with made-up names we just came up with today).

Here’s the Swimming Through The Air move.

Drake - Swim

There’s this Cha Cha move.

Drake - Cha Cha

Or Salsa? Or Merengue? Or…so many options.

Here’s the old Fall Asleep move.

Drake - Sleep

For when it’s time to nap.

There’s the Call Me On My Cell Phone move.

Drake - Call Me On The Cell Phone

It’s universally recognized.

Here’s the I Told You Not To Do That Finger Pointing move.

Drake - Finger Counting

Also known as The Counting move.

And, of course, The Jump On Me and Grind combo.

Drake - Grind

This is how you do it.