Here is nikki deloach’s baby boy taking an ‘awkward. ’ dump on molly tarlov [photo]

Babies are normally cute and cuddly, but in the land of “Awkward,” they soil themselves on your co-star’s lap. Though Nikki Deloach‘s newborn son, Hudson, has drawn nothing but adoration since his birth late last year, the kid flipped the script this week when he went ahead and let a Number Two fly while chillin’ atop Molly Tarlov. Thankfully, Molls seemed to take the transgression in stride, but we shudder to think how her character, Sadie, would have reacted.

“My son giving @mollytarlov a very special, a very smelly surprise. You’re welcome,” Nikki tweeted with the photo above, borrowing Sadie’s most famous line. Thankfully, Molly’s best friend (off-screen, that is), Jillian Rose Reed, was nearby to help laugh off the stinky mishap, and while the two ladies giggled away, Hudson lay contently, seemingly proud of the contribution he’d made to the group hangout. Maybe consider chips or some juiceboxes next time, dude.

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