Here are all of jenna hamilton’s ‘awkward’ exes in a single photo

It was just a few years ago that you could scrub your memory clean of exes by burning photos or ripping heartfelt love letters to shreds, but in the days of Instagram, letting go definitely ain’t so easy.

Across four seasons of “Awkward” and three years within the halls of Palos Hills High School, Jenna Hamilton has dated all types of guys to try to find her ideal boyfriend-fit — Matty made her feel special, Luke appealed to her intellectual side and Owen helped her to harness the artist inside. And though each guy left a significant impression on the blogger, we’re hard-pressed to believe Jenna would be on board with a photo Ashley Rickards, who plays J-Ham, recently posted to Instagram; it features each former flame, shoulder-to-shoulder. Let’s just say it: AWKWARD!

I’m a lucky girl (for the most part)

A photo posted by Ashley Rickards (@ashleyrickardspowerb) on

“I’m a lucky girl (for the most part),” Rickards captioned the photo, in which she and her five previous dates hang out on Jenna’s bed. For some viewers, this might be a dream come true, but as Jenna proved in the show’s third season, group activity really ain’t her thing. Probably a good time to hit the bricks, guys…

Whaddya think — does this snapshot belong in a frame on J-Ham’s mantle? Sound off, and be sure to stay tuned to MTV News for updates on the upcoming fifth and final “Awkward” season!