Heart found in garbage at ryerson university

Think about one of the weirdest and flat out most bizarre stories you have heard on the news.. then think again.

Toronto’s very own Ryerson University went on lockdown earlier this morning, as there was a heart- yes, you read that correctly- a HEART found in the garbage can on campus.

Sorry what?!?!

Ryerson, along with some news stations were quick to take this issue to social media, making everyone question LIFE. At this point the investigation is still underway, and it is unknown whether or not the heart belonged to a human or a cow. No offense to cows, but we’re kinda hoping it’s not a human heart.

As we love predicting the future, here’s what we think might have happened:

1) Someone stole the organs from the science lab (like why??), got too scared and threw them away.

2) Someone bought these organs as props for a very weird movie and thought they ditched them

3) Someone had some leftover organs from the butcher shop, and realistically, who else would want them?

4) And lastly, what we REALLY hope isn’t true… someone killed an innocent cow:( But don’t worry, we are almost positive this isn’t the case.

We hope everyone at Ryeson and in the downtown area stays calm, collected and most importantly safe!

Oh Ryerson, thanks for keeping us on our toes.