Have spencer and stephanie pratt buried the sibling hatchet?


Reunited and it feeeeels so goooooodor, at least, we hope. While the feisty male half of SpeidiSpencer Pratt, and his lil’ sis, Stephanie, have made it no secret that they just don’t get along, we spotted a little something on Twitter recently that made us stop and question everything we know about “The Hills“‘ most contentious family:


Holy hell! Now, before we start rooting for reconciliation, we gotta think this one through. Given Spencer’s infamous sarcasm, he could be mocking his baby sis. After all, Stephanie’s boyfriend did get into some trouble with the po-pos this weekend after allegedly running over a cop’s foot with his car, according to TMZ, and we can’t imagine Spence would let the little escapade slide.

But, if he is poking fun, mended fences still might be possible. Stephanie and Spencer’s other sister gave birth yesterday. The photo has mysteriously disappeared, but as any YouTube video of cats will prove, adorable cute things–like newborns–tend to bring people together.

Finally, Spencer’s birthday just came around, and next to Christmas and Thanksgiving, b-day celebrations are the perfect time for inner-family reconciliation. Just picture it: Cake! Candles! A whole group of blood relatives silently wondering what you wished for! It’s got all the ingredients of some serious hatchet-burying.

Have we reached the happy ending of this sibling war? Or is Spence just asking Steph to read between the lines? What do you think?