Have ‘real world’ enemies jordan and nia mended fences and then some?

During the worst of her storm’s wrath, Hurricane Nia once aimed to cut down Jordan by mocking his fingerless hand, but now that the former foes have done some soul-searching and talked through their differences, it looks like his might be the only one she wants to hold. The “Real World” Portland hotheads shocked their social media followings this week with an exchange of flirty messages and photos, and we have to wonder: Is the world’s most unlikely couple manifesting before our very eyes?

Elsewhere on social media this week, the fiery Marie reflected on her combative past, but there were only pleasant memories for Anastasia, who couldn’t help but smile at the final “Real World” scene. And though reunion special host Coral Smith’s…uhh…upper body was the subject of much attention, Ashley Rickards could only fixate on the fact that Sadie Saxton actually said something sincere on the “Awkward” summer finale.

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