Have amber and gary turned over a new leaf?

The longer Amber has been in rehab, the more she’s been willing to work on herself and get a handle on her anger issues, and that was really reflected in her mindful temperament during tonight’s “Teen Mom.” Early on, when Amber’s therapist Laura asked her to talk about her volatile relationship with Gary, trust was a frustrating topic that came up immediately. But even so, she kept calm and her newfound sense of serenity shone through when she later interacted with Gary and Leah.

Surprisingly, Amber’s patience remained constant throughout the episode, and during the couple’s final counseling session, Gary was even able to speak honestly about the way his girlfriend’s depression has affected him. Ordinarily, hearing something like that may have set Amber off, but she was unruffled and let him speak his mind. For the first time, it seemed like they were on the same team.

Do you think rehab has given the young couple the fresh start they needed, or will they eventually just slip back into their old argumentative ways?