Halfway to the top! Here’s what’s gone down so far on “washington heights”

Reyna’s road to singing stardom might have just begun, but “Washington Heights” is already halfway through its first season, and Manhattan’s tightest bunch are giving us weekly proof that their neighborhood is far more electric than the lights in Times Square. From trouble with the law to budding romances, there’s a lot to chew on, so let’s review what’s happened in the “Heights” so far:

Almost immediately after we met the crew, Jimmy and Eliza established themselves as a committed couple, but Reyna (who questioned Eliza’s character) wasn’t on board. On the night of JP’s big performance, an argument between the girls escalated into an outdoor throw-down (hair-pulling included), and Jimmy vowed to keep his distance from Reyna to appease his girlfriend. Ultimately, Reyna found her own boo in soft-spoken Manny, but the group remains fragmented because of the sidewalk scuffle.

And while some of the former pals struggle to stay together, others have given in to their chemistry. After Ludwin broke up with his girlfriend — who acted insensitively toward news that Ludwin’s brother, Alexis, was destined for the slammer — he took solace in good pal Frankie’s company. Frankie made it clear that she had feelings for Ludwin, but though Ludwin admitted he had a soft spot for the slam-poet, he wasn’t ready to commit to her completely. The two continue to hook up and the gray area between friendship and love widens with each passing episode.

Jimmy’s commitment issues have been more work-related, and his baseball dreams have slowly taken a back seat to his need to make ends meet. Jimmy was benched for missing practice in favour of his day job, and he lamented the fact that some of his friends didn’t have the same pressure to balance a 9-to-5 while chasing their dreams. Rico, for example, claims he’s hell-bent on becoming an actor, but his conviction to his craft has seemed about as solid as a Jell-O mold. Rico’s brother, Fred — who forked over the cash for Rico’s improv classes — was disappointed by Rico’s lack of drive.

Now, with JP’s fan base burgeoning, fashion job prospects coming to fruition for Fred and a solid relationship blossoming for Taylor, it looks like there’s still a whole lot more story to tell. Keep up with “Washington Heights” each Wednesday at 10e/p to see how this NYC crowd carries on!