Watch haim get grilled by ‘snl’ star vanessa bayer in this hilarious web episode

Vanessa Bayer — whoops, I mean Janessa Slater — isn’t just a comedienne, but also a “media coach that’s helped hundreds of bands.” At least, she is when she’s hosting her hilarious web series, “Sound Advice,” and unleashing her wisdom on guests like “cool girls” HAIM.

In the latest episode of “Sound Advice,” HAIM reveal what they’ve been up to since taking the world by storm two years ago. “We were lucky enough to tour for two years straight,” Alana Haim begins, but Janessa interrupts her by exclaiming, “I can’t believe you got that much time off from Urban Outfitters!”

Check out the video to hear “Janessa” and HAIM talk fashion (“I know that we’re in California, but we don’t always have to wear leather jackets. It’s like, did somebody call the Fonz?”), musical inspiration, and sisterhood.