Gregg sulkin had a dance-off on the set of ‘faking it,’ and it was just plain awesome

A true artist is able to create beauty through different media, and now that Gregg Sulkin‘s got acting down, he’s decided to tackle the next logical form of expression: dance. Or, more specifically, dancing to “I Don’t F*** With You” by Big Sean.

The “Faking It” star, who’s busy filming 10 new episodes of the show with his co-stars, decided to challenge fellow cast member Keith Powers to a no-holds-barred dance-off. But once Powers sees the choreography his buddy has to offer in the clip below, neither he nor Katie Stevens — who’s filming the duel — can keep their cool.

you don’t give a what Gregg? haha @greggsulkin @keithpowers I think Gregg was a dancer in another life..

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“I think Gregg was a dancer in another life..” Stevens posted with the video that finds her giggling through the performance. Soon, though, the stage becomes Sulkin’s and Sulkin’s alone, and Powers, who’s relegated to a seat in the audience, doesn’t review Sulkin’s one-man show so favorably. “Keep that at home!” he heckles. Can’t escape the peanut gallery…

So… this happens … a lot @greggsulkin can’t stop laughing haha @keithpowers #wehavefun #fakingit

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Impressed by the Sulkin Slide? Watch all the master choreo go down, and stay tuned for updates on the upcoming “Faking It” episodes!