Greer grammer describes ‘awkward. ’ talk with emmy-winning father kelsey grammer

On “Awkward,” Lissa’s uber-conservative parents would never entertain the idea of their little girl being sexually active, but it seems actress Greer Grammer, who plays the ditzy cheerleader, has had a version of “the talk” with her father (who, you know, just happens to be theater and TV legend Kelsey Grammer). She told “Access Hollywood Live” hosts Kit Hoover and Billy Bush yesterday that when she got to a certain age, her dad boldly dove into the discussion that every child dreads, and the result was totally uncomfortable.

“When I got my first serious boyfriend, it was kind of a, ‘Well, are you doing this?’” Greer recounts in the video below. “We were driving in the car, and I was like, ‘Oh, so, we’re going there!’” Greer says she ultimately tried to brush theconvo off, but adds that when it comes to career advice, she’s all ears for her dad. “[He says] as long as you do something that you love, you’ll still like it and be happy, and if you’re doing this just to be famous, it’s never gonna work out.” Spoken like a true professional!

Watch the clip for more from Greer, including stories from her former life as a Disney princess!