‘gravity’ trailer: watch george clooney get lost in space

A sequel to "Up in the Air"? Not quite. But George Clooney is dealing with some pretty big issues while hovering in the skies above us in the new film "Gravity."

The first teaser trailer for the film, which premiered Thursday night, offers audiences their first look at the science-fiction opus, written and directed by Alfonso Cuarón, who previously offered a singular portrait of a possible future in "Children of Men" and helmed "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban," widely regarded as the best installment in the "Harry Potter" film series.

In the clip, astronaut Matt Kowalsky (Clooney) and Dr. Ryan Stone (Sandra Bullock) marvel at the sunrise – from space. Wearing space suits, they float in the blackness of the universe 372 miles above the Earth. But when their shuttle collides with some debris, the ship is destroyed, forcing the two of them to fight for survival in an environment they cannot control, and they have no place to land. Scrambling to hold onto one another, and then to any solid object that might provide a respite from the nothingness of zero gravity, they fight to find a way to contact Earth and make it safely home.

"Gravity" promises to be one of the biggest moviegoing events of 2013 and has been compared to no less than "Avatar" in terms of its ambition and spectacular visual effects. (Clooney has already described it as visually stunning, which we suppose means that audiences won’t just be watching the blackness of space, two white suits and a spinning blue marble the entire time.)

"Gravity" is scheduled for release October 4.