‘gotham’ buzz: who will play gordon on the new batman show?

By this time next year, assuming all goes according to plan, Fox will have brought viewers along to “Gotham,” a new TV series focused on Detective James Gordon in the years before Bruce Wayne became Batman. Production is expected to begin in the coming weeks and months, which means casting news is on its way – and we already have our first debunked rumor.

On Tuesday, Latino Review reported that “Sons of Anarchy” and “Vikings” actor Donal Logue had been offered the role of James Gordon. However, Logue took to Twitter to squash the rumor, saying no such offer has been made, despite his obvious interest:


Logue’s response is pretty definitive, though it’s possible that he’s keeping the deal close to the vest until official announcements are made. Assuming Logue is out of the running, however, several fans are likely breathing a sigh of relief. On the surface, perhaps Logue isn’t the right choice to play Gordon: He’s heavier-set and best-known to some for his comedic roles, like “Grounded for Life” and the first “Blade.”

But Logue’s made strong inroads into the dramatic world in recent years, what with his scene-stealing arc as drug-addicted ex-marshal Lee Toric on the most recent season of “Sons of Anarchy,” and as King Horik of Denmark on History’s “Vikings.” But it’s Logue’s work on the tragically short-lived FX drama “Terriers” that proves his worthiness to take on Gordon. On “Terriers,” Logue played a down-on-his-luck detective-for-hire named Hank Dolworth, a soulful and sad individual, damaged but not broken by his past. The role proved Logue’s range as an actor, oscillating between heartbreaking heaviness and chops-busting levity without breaking a sweat. In short: He’s a damn good actor.

Sadly, it sounds like Logue and “Gotham” aren’t meant to be. But if there was even an iota of truth to the rumor – if Fox was and is looking at actors of Logue’s caliber – then it’s an encouraging sign of things to come. My advice: If Logue is out, then Fox should take a look at a different “Sons of Anarchy” actor for the Gordon role: Ryan Hurst, best known as the big-bearded biker Opie Winston.

What do you make of the Logue rumor? And who do you think should play Detective Gordon?