Got a case of the munchies? ‘snack-off’ has your craving covered

When you get a case of the munchies, do you raid the fridge for foie gras? Do you know what foie gras is? Not to worry, it’s irrelevant.

Conceived by resident MTV jokester Rob Dyrdek, the network’s new cooking competition series, “Snack-Off,” will feature munchie aficionados facing off to determine who can whip up the most memorable dish using random kitchen ingredients like fish sticks, canned oysters, chocolate and much more. As host and chef Eddie Huang puts it in the trailer below, this show is for “dumpster divers and fridge forgers.”

Huang will mentor the contestants throughout a series of snack-inspired challenges, while the playful judge’s panel — model and foodie Chrissy Teigen, chef Jason Quinn and stand-up comedian Yassir Lester — will decide the cheftestants’ fate each week. By the looks of it, some of the plates will be a hit with the trio. Others, not so much.

So what are these guys and gals playing for? A cash prize, their recipe published in the “Snack-Off” cookbook and the highly coveted golden spork necklace! Yep, it’s gonna get ugly.

Catch a first look at “Snack-Off,” and be sure to bring your appetite when the show premieres Thursday, July 10 at 10:30e/7:30p!