‘give me one reason’: what we learned on tonight’s degrassi

Allison Bowsher
Degrassi Recap 1418

Maya and Zig know they need to put the breaks on their relationship, but that’s easier said than done. Hunter tries a new approach with Arlene and doesn’t get the response he expected. Finally, Clare and Eli say goodbye to their son.

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Comic Crush

Hunter is still crushing on Arlene, but he’s showing his feelings by being mean to her. Frankie suggests that Hunter try a different approach and Imogen quickly jumps in with a few romantic ideas, like sending her flowers.


Too bad for Hunter, Arlene is the type of girl who would rather get a bouquet of comic books over a bouquet of flowers. She thinks whoever sent her the flowers is unoriginal, making Hunter feel a combination of embarrassed and relieved that he signed the card as ‘Secret Admirer’.


Hunter agrees to go with Arlene later that day to meet her admirer, but when he doesn’t show up, since he’s technically already there, Arlene feels hurt and takes it out on Hunter.


She apologizes to Hunter later during Captain Who rehearsals and the two go back to teasing one another about whether Japanese or American comics are superior.


Roomies In Love

Now that Maya and Tristan are back to being besties, she can shock him with her latest drama. She and Zig kissed!


Nope, not that shocking. How about she and Zig kissed AND her mom caught them. Now she has Tristan’s attention.


Maya knows she needs to respect her mom and end things with Zig and after talking to Tiny and Grace, Zig knows it too.


Zig and Maya meet up after school to talk about ending things and they’re both on the same page, until Maya drops her second bombshell of the day – she’s in love with Zig. This would be super awkward, except that Zig is in love with Maya as well! Yay! Oh wait, this isn’t good.


Maya tells her mom that she and Zig don’t want to sneak around and lie to her because they’re in love. Mrs. Matlin understands and gives the couple her blessing, as long as Zig moves out.


Future On Hold

After learning that Clare and Eli lost their baby, the couple get more heartbreaking news from the doctor. Clare is too far along for a traditional abortion and will still have to deliver the baby. She can either be induced or wait to go into labour. She and Eli also have to decide how they want to commemorate their child, but Clare doesn’t want to talk about anything.


Clare tries going to school that day, but the first mention of the baby sends her straight for her car. Eli manages to get Clare to calm down long enough to pick him up and she tells him her new plan – drive to New York and tell Columbia she’s accepting her admission.


Eli is worried that Clare might go into labour while they’re in the car and pretends the battery is dead. An already distraught Clare becomes even more upset, trying to hitch hike her way to New York. She explains to Eli that she put her life on hold because of Cancer and then because of the baby. For the first time in a long time, she wants to actually plan for her future.


Eli agrees to take Clare to New York and they spend the car ride practicing for what Clare will tell the Admissions board. Just outside of the border, Clare decides that Eli is right and that they should go back and face the labour. Clare finally grieves over losing their son, but thankfully she has Eli, her mom and her friends to lean on.