Give a fist-pump to flashback friday with these 15 secrets of ‘jersey shore’

If you watched a single episode of “Jersey Shore,” you know that Snooki, “The Situation” and the rest of the cast had nothing to hide, but that doesn’t mean a few secrets weren’t left behind when the show’s guidos and guidettes waved a final goodbye to Seaside Heights. For example, did you know that Angelina and Mike hooked up before MTV began filming Season 1 — and that he actually suggested she be hired as a housemate? Ku-whaaaat? But that’s just the tip of the iceberg…

In the video below, you’ll get an insider’s look at 15 secrets about the famous series, starting with the fact that it was originally developed for VH1, and that its working title was “The Search for America’s Greatest Guido.”

Snooki was so eager to throw her hat into the ring that she responded to a casting call she saw on Facebook, yet her future hookup, Vinny, wasn’t so sold on the project, and actually auditioned in protest. It’s probably safe to say he doesn’t regret his choice so much nowadays, and the same can absolutely be said for Pauly D, who’s now worth $15 million. Drinks on him…?

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